The Fre$hmenz

Chicago,IL very own “The Fre$hmenz” and i swear if you are looking for some real underground rapperz with talent…we right here. The 2 of us put together, you couldn’t ask for a better team. “Classick” whom is 19 (beat maker & rapper) and Jordan whom is 18 (rapper). We been doing this for 4 yearz straight and don’t plan on stopping. We’ve done shows at clubz, schoolz, centerz, etc. Its all about the passion for it not just b/c. Thats why the muzik we make comes out to be complete, well done and satisfactual. We have hundreds of people behind us but we are always striving to bring in more people into our music and to keep people updated in our music. We aren’t signed at the moment but we are associated with M.D.F (Million Dollar Flow).


The Fre$hmenz Trackz Below:

The Fre$hmenz  & Young C – “I Aint Trying Save You”

The Fre$hmenz – “Saw”

The Fre$hmenz – “You Know”

The Fre$hmenz – “MDF”

Classick & C Jay – “Bouncin Up & Down”

Young C, Classick & C Jay – “How We Do It”

The Fre$hmenz – “Where Them O’s At” 

C Jay & Classick – “Mon$tarz” 


The Fre$hmenz: Photoz


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