Monthly Archives: January 2011

Smoo & D-Rick: “Hard”

These guys keep giving the streets exactly what what they want to hear. Track after track; Hit after hit. Smoo & D-Rick have been on there music and on there grind for a long time. This song goes out to all the people that cant see that they mean business and that they go Hard. They both are doing their own thing but when they get together on a song…AUTOMATIC HIT. This is only a taste of what they have in store so stay tooned on the site and you’ll begin to see alot more of Smoo, D-Rick and some more MDF TV videos. Video created by Deshawnfrom The Freshmenzand also sponsored by the Aztronautz. “Mayham 2” mixtape COMING SOON!


Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable)

I have giving up on handheld gaming for a while now. I felt that i wasn’t getting the same joy i had from the home systems like ps3 and Xbox. But i see Sony is trying to bring back handheld gaming on a more advance level..It has the ability to support portable version of Sony Ps3 titles. It also has a second joystick that the first psp was lacking. You can connect to the web with 3G support and Wifi for quick web browsing and downloading. But the biggest feature that caught my eyes is that its touch screen, so it will be going up against the Nintendo DS. There is no price set for the device yet but it will be release in the holiday season of 2011..

Air Jordan 2011 – Black Patent Leather

Check out these new air jordans 2011 black patent leather shoes. I’m thinking about adding these to my kicks collection no doubt..

Wiz Khalifa (Feat. Too Short) – On My Level

Wiz Khalifa – DayToday Season 3 ep.2

The Wiz hits the world with another episode of DayToday Season 3.

Wiz Khalifa – DayToday Season 3 ep.1

Mr. Khalifa DayToday is back!

Chivalrous Culture Hamachi – Spring 2011 Collection

These kicks are fresh..I wasn’t a fan of the first release but i really like what Diggy did for this year release. The color layout is nice and the shoes look like better quality than their 2010 release. If you need new kicks then you might wanna look out for these.